Island landscapes and enjoying photography

“I realized photography was just plain fun. So I kept doing more of it.”


After all, the success of a personal project hinges on how enjoyable it is.

Part of the fun for me is using medium format film. I like the process of loading the old camera. I like the thump the manual shutter makes and I’m happy with how the images look right out of the scanner.

Then there’s the undeniable fact that to take better pictures, one has to put interesting things in front of one’s lens. It’s a good excuse to go for an adventure.

I have a lens I know I like. I know what film gives the look I like. Establishing a process over time keeps things simple and adds another layer of enjoyment.

Trusting the process appeals to my sense of acceptance. “It is what it is”. When an image works as it is, I find that satisfying. This approach feels more straightforward than agonizing over options on a computer screen. It’s streamlined and lets me concentrate more on the emotionality in the images.

If I look at a picture and feel something, I keep it. If I have to think about it, I throw it away.

Then I cut them down some more. And then again. And then we’re left with just a few, that in some way, stand the test of whether I like them.

Somewhere in between all of that, I have a great time. That’s pretty much all that matters in this line of work.


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