Southern Komodo & Swimming Dragons

“Some people don’t believe the dragons swim. It’s rare, but they do, which can be useful information if you’re in the water.”


On the southern edge of the Komodo National Park, the archipelago comes to a jagged halt of rock and cliffs facing the ocean and eventually, Australia.

The weather is unpredictable with ripping currents turning boats around and storms can rise in an instant. The waters are too rough most of the year but calm down some in the later months. We took a risk going down there but were rewarded with the swimming Komodos, dolphins, plentiful fish and on one dive at the edge of the world, a prehistoric mola mola aka oceanic sunfish measuring from the tip of my fins to well over my head.

Our home at sea was the Ananda. Husband and wife Max and Nana custom built the boat from what was previously a more modest live aboard dive charter. The hull had proven fast and steady, which is always a bit of a crap shoot with new construction where the end result doesn’t always match the initial design.

Max has done an incredible job incorporating modern comforts but kept the traditional phinisi lines so guests can still feel like pirates, if only just a bit.


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