Branding a start up and creating visuals in two weeks

“Learning about this incredible new tech blew me away, but took some intense concentration to digest the theories behind the science. The challenge for this job was to internalize what it actually does and formulate that in such a way that it could be simply conveyed in bite-sized portions.”

Video thumbnails_-6

I found myself in Chiang Mai with an impressive piece of tech, operating on principles of brainwave entrainment using light pulsating at brainwave frequencies. The basic idea is that when lights flash through our retinas at certain frequencies, they reach our pineal gland, releasing DMT naturally in our brain.

In two weeks, I made two explanatory videos with the light’s creator, former Silicon valley engineer and also Buddhist monk, Guy Harriman. I also made ten testimonial videos highlighting different benefits brought upon by using the light to a broad range of segments. The purpose of the testimonial videos was to show the general public normal people who had benefitted from using the light.

The light’s official name is The Ajna Light, which we decided to sell under the Relaxation Light moniker. To increase sales, a new website was crafted and is still in process of taking its final shape with the management team.

In this instance, I was the writer, director, camera man, sound guy, editor, colorist and producer.

I gave the Relaxation Light venture a good kickstart and was happy to hear that they had recuperated their investment in my services through new sales within the first month of launching the new site and videos.

Do you think you’d like to try the Relaxation Light?


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