Muzzaswell – Uluwatu, Bali

“Anyone who’s ever surfed a cyclone swell will understand that with a common name comes unity. It gives total strangers something in common. We may all be out there surfing but when we realize we’re surfing the same swell it brings a bit of brotherhood into the game.”

Nikko Karki (c) 2015_-23

Before the swell had struck any coastline in Indonesia it already had a name: the ‘Muzza swell’. The moniker was an honorific to Murray Close, Australian surfer and expat who succumbed to cancer on the 24th June.

I did not know Murray, but saw pictures on social media, friends of mine had been touched by him and to see such a powerful swell come in, named after him was a beautiful way to pay respect to a great man and bring the island together.

For anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer, Muzzaswell was an affirmation that we stand together.

Below are a couple of videos from the swell.

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