Food Truck TV Show Concept

“Cooking for people makes us happy. We do this because we love it.”

This is a food show concept about organic, sustainable, locally sourced ingredients put together by chef Richard McCormick, served from the pink food truck.

The Helsinki episode takes place amidst the summer music festival season, with the challenge of creating a new dish inspired by the nordic atmosphere.

Richard takes cues from festival goers, other chefs, and pieces together a new dish that satisfies the requisites of using natural ingredients, tasting great, and can be eaten standing up from the side of a food truck.

Music under global license from AudioBlocks.

I wrote this, designed the concept and shot itΒ as a one man film crew, then edited it.

Concept, visuals, sound, editing, production by Nikko Karki (


The following screen grabs from the video are meant to read as a story, taking you from one act to the next, illustrating how the concept develops within the episode.

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