Recently Published Photos

“Most of these shots were in a bag of undeveloped film I forgot in a hotel lobby in Bangkok. For a good couple hours, I had to live with the thought that all my film from Myanmar had been lost.”

Photos published include one of Myanmar Presidential Candidate Madam Aung San Suu Kyi, as well as some of my favorite portraits.

Traveling to Myanmar was a highlight of my life, but after ten days of training with hardened boxers, and working incessantly to capture the country through a lens, as well as make a short film (, I was exhausted.

Landing in Bangkok was sensory overload. Meeting a friend for a beer was like returning to the sanctity of civilization and then, I forgot my bag of film in the hotel lobby as we were en route to get it developed.

“Luckily after retracing our steps, we recovered the bag of film. Too bad though, as I would have loved an excuse to go back and re-shoot everything.”

Included at the bottom are some published photos from Bali, a symbolic warrior and the Melasti ceremony on the beach, joyous and meditative. It was an honor to be an observer in such a rite.

Throughout shooting all of this, I was very much at peace and will remember these days forever with gratitude.

I’m very fortunate to be able to share this work in some of my favorite publications and looking back brings forth fond memories of traveling with a camera.


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