4 Days with The Goons of Doom

“Fly in. Party. Fly Out.”

The Goons of Doom Bali Tour 2012

Aug 23 – Mantra – Petitenget
Aug 24 – Deus ex Machina Temple of Enthusiasm – Canggu
Aug 25 – Ombak Bali Surf Film Festival – Seminyak Beach
Aug 26 – Single Fin – Uluwatu

RECIPE: Fly in. Party. Fly out.

INGREDIENTS: Goons. Mylie and the Milkshakes. Andy Six String. Bobby Moore. Tyler Mars. An entourage of leather pants wearing smiley, happy people with a mission to rock four venues in four nights.

WARM-UP: Take the stage playing a different song than your band mates. Switch instruments a few times. Play your guitar upside down backwards. Have a Bintang.

MANTRA: Following Andy Six String and Bobby Moore, one barefoot nefarious Brit and another smoking relic of the analog era charm Bali’s creatives into a frenzy of howls repeating lyrics such as ‘yes I stole your money, I spent it on beer and friends’.

DEUS: After Jack Coleman’s film premier ‘Imaginary Carpet Maker’, Mylie and The Milkshakes set the mood, elevating into a euphoric explosion of dancing, singing along ending in inviting the entire crowd on stage, erasing the line between band and fans. Bali is half Goon by now.

LA PLANCHA: Rock up to the beach for the Ombak Bali Surf Film Festival to a stage on the sand with the waves in the background. Life is calm. Life is good.

SINGLE FIN: Overlooking the best wave in the world, save the best for last and combine all of the above. Play like it’s the only night in your life and in that crowded room there’s everything and everyone. Do an aerial off the drum kit and start a massive pile up. Throw away the guitar, chuck the bass into the amp and get yourself another beer. Hug your mates, new and old.

SERVE: Can we do this every weekend?

Listen to the Goons of Doom at: http://www.volcoment.com/bands/details.asp?bandid=16

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