Artist Portrait: Rockin’ Jelly Bean

“A new friend from Tokyo was about to have an exhibition of his ‘Boobs, Bikes and Blasphemyesque’ posters so we decided to make a video about his newest painting.”

Rockin’ Jelly Bean is a mysterious guy and although his artwork is colorful, he himself moves more in the shadows of the night. For this reason, the teaser video is in color, and more cheerful but the official Rockin’ Jelly Bean approved video had to be in black and white.

Article text from Deus Blog

Ok, lets start this off by putting you in to the proper narrative mind state. The questions should be asked in your normal inner dialog voice, the answers in broken English with a Japanese accent. It’s just more fun that way, so enjoy the ride…

Us- State your full name, any aliases you may go by and your Japanese Zodiac sign?
Him- My name, I wont tell you, everyone calls me ‘Rockin Jelly Bean’, and my Japanese Zodiac sign, the year of the sheep. I took the ‘Rockin’ part from a performer who went by ‘Rockin Thunderbolt’, and the Jelly Bean is from my grandmother who called me Jelly Bean when I was young, because of a bean shaped mole on my back. ‘Rockin Jelly Bean’ is also my stage name for my band Jackie & The Cedrics.

Us- Why the Mexican wrestling mask on your opening nights?
Him- A while back I got into a bad motorcycle accident that left me with a big scar, so I started using a Mexican wrestling mask to cover up.

Us- Are you a fan of Russ Meyer movies?
Him- Yah, yah, I am. When I was a kid it was my dream to make movies. Later I saw some Russ Meyer movies and he was doing the style of movies I wanted to do. Motorcycles, fast cars and big boobs, ‘Faster Pussycat Kill Kill Kill’ is my all time favorite. My style of art is like his style of movie.

Us- If I was to commission a piece from you, and I wanted the title to be “suck my love pump” what images would you use?
Him- (laughing and contemplating) Girls in bikinis being pumped in the ass by bikers with old school hand pumps. Or something along those lines.

Us- Wow, that’s descriptive.
Him- It’s your commission.
Us- Touché.

Us- Where do you draw your influences from?
Him- So many things in life, really…fast cars and faster women, then I will think about the subject and go to sleep. Then when I dream about the piece I will wake up and write down my dream or start working on it right then.

Us- Are you a Black Sabbath man?
Him- Yes when I was kid I would copy and sing Ozzy songs and Black Sabbath songs. So yes I am.

Us- Can you teach us how to say, “suck my love pump” in your native tongue?
Him- Yes I can. Pai Zuri. It’s not exact, but along the same lines.

Us- Has any of your pieces been banned or censored, and if yes by who?
Him- No never banned or censored.

Us- In my past life I was a sushi chef, would you ever order sushi from a Californian with a wicked mustache who loves the taste of good cold Sake as well as crap hot Sake?
Him- Yes I would eat your style of sushi, but I prefer traditional Japanese style.

Us-Are you a lover, or a Karate fighter?
Him- Lover of course, yes lover. Why not.

Us- Are you familiar with the magazine Heavy Metal?
Him- Yes I collected them as a kid. They interviewed me while I lived in L.A. and when I was young; it was the drawings of R. Crumb that opened my eyes to the woman’s body.

Us- What does your mom think of your art?
Him- She loves my art; she has a Rockin Jelly Bean gallery in her house.

Us-Well, I feel a little dirty, but really interested in your show at the Deus Gallery this Wednesday the 16th of May. Jelly Bean your one hell of an interesting cat and I’ll see you Wednesday. Domo arigato…
Him- Sama Sama…

There you have it, Rockin Jelly Bean in a nutshell, mostly nuts, but out of his shell. This guy is a kick ass artist with a vivid imagination.

Check out Rockin’ Jelly Bean online!

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