Fuji X Pro 1 Test: Kuta Nights ‘Don’t Remember a Thing’

“Back in Bali from a trip to Jakarta and Singapore, a brand new Fuji X Pro 1 in my pocket – yes it’s that small – photos from a spontaneous night in Kuta turned into a fast-paced slideshow. “

Home Sweet Home

Somehow the song by the Naked and Famous called ‘The Sun’ seemed to fit the images.

I’ve always traveled light, but in my smallish backpack I now had a week’s clothes and what could be used as a full media production kit: The X Pro 1, two prime lenses, memory cards, batteries, a Gorilla Pod with ballhead, a Zoom H2N, headphones, and a MacBook Pro 13”.

Small Is Good.

My scooter was parked where I left it at the airport and while there’s only a marginal level of coolness anyone can attain on a scooter, I felt like Easy Rider as I bypassed the crowds and rode away with everything I needed barely weighing on my back.

There’s an intersection of worlds here between the holy and the street, spiced with tourists and jaded locals that’s a photographer’s paradise.

Moments don’t set up appointments, you need to be ready when they happen.

I decided to take the X Pro 1 out in wild tourist-laden Kuta and shot until the battery was empty as I kicked it with my expat and local friends.

The images used below are JPEGs straight from the camera. Some are sharp, some are not, some are unexciting, others are shots I would have never been able to take before.

I wish I could just wink and take a picture of what I see, but until technology can make that possible, I’m set with the X Pro 1.

Music by: The Naked and Famous ‘The Sun’

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