Fixed Gear Bikes in Bali

“I was supposed to be DP for this film, but got dengue fever. One of the riders got Bali Belly, and one of the camera men crashed his motorcycle.”

This short, weird video is from the film that never was. After a few health complications, the boys wound up going for an abridged Bali ride with a photo shoot in mind, and that was, as I had thought, the end of it.

Julian Zielonka wound up shooting the fixie footage, that I found by accident one day while rifling through the hard drives. The ceremony, called a Kecak, was shot by Tom Hawkins and myself, but also sat on the hard drives for a few months with no real purpose.

The soundtrack is from my old beloved Sony HDR-FX1, aka ‘The Big Boy’, that I had put in a flower pot to record audio during the performance.

One day I decided to start putting things together, then again, it sat on the hard drives for another couple of months.

Today, finally, D Hump and I met up, went through it, tweaked it out a bit and here it is. For a number of reasons, it’s one of my favorite clips – especially because of this soundtrack and the dancers, but also because of the sick riding by Stefan and Piero.

The hard drive containing the original footage was stolen in a break in so this is the last copy there is, which almost makes me love it more.

Fixed Gear Bikes in Bali from Nikko Karki on Vimeo.

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