Artist Portrait: Ry Cuming

‘Hallelujah’. Jeff Buckley covered it and as far as I’m concerned he’s owned it ever since. Well, until now.

When Ry took the stage at Deus on Sunday, everyone stopped what they were doing, jaws open, and listened to an unassuming looking, bearded guy taking his time with a song and a guitar.

Ry opened with ‘Hallelujah’ but wasn’t on the stage. He was somewhere in the song, with his eyes closed, feeling the notes, breathing them out.

Our soundcheck literally happens during the first 30 seconds of ‘Hallelujah’ and you can hear it.. but here it is followed by a few shots I took in the Deus studio after his show.

Thanks for the good times Ry!

Sunday session set:

Halleluja MP3
Always Remember Me MP3
Some Kind of Love MP3
In The Fire MP3
Tear Me Apart MP3
Home MP3

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