Bye Bye Plastic Bags Bali Video

“It’s representative of Earth conscious thinking in a locally impacting way. The kids recognize how garbage is a global problem, and are doing their part at home to make a difference by focusing on plastic bags.”

This was an invigorating project, reflecting the sense of community here in Bali between creatives, businesses and the children who dare believe in a more environmentally sound future.

Melati and Isabel Wijsen are students at The Green School up in Ubud. One day in class, the topic was influential people, such as Lady Diana, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. The children thought to themselves that they too want to make a difference, but they didn’t want to wait until they are older. Their mom, Elvira, encouraged them to come up with an idea they could start implementing now, as children, to leave their mark on the world.

As the children went to bed that night, the idea to make Bali plastic bag free dawned on them, and so started Bye Bye Plastic Bags. It’s an initiative powered by children, to focus on one issue at home: plastic bags in Bali.

As luck would have it, the first pilot village to ban plastic bags in Bali is my little beach town neighborhood of Pererenan. Longtime friends and collaborators over at indosole had been supporting the BBPBB initiative and asked if I could lend a hand with some video work.

It turned out that what they needed was a new video, clearly and concisely explaining their mission, and helping gather signatures for their petition online with Avaaz. My contribution was working with the kids and coming up with an idea for a one-minute video that we could do together and help spread the word about banning plastic bags on Bali.

Our other friends over at Deus generously donated some studio time. Cipta Gunawan came out of the recording studio to help out with the interview audio. Bali High, our favorite producer of aerial footage, came to the rescue and allowed us to use some incredible shots of Bali from above.

The track we used is by Midori. The artist is currently in the UK and put is in touch with the record label who owns the rights. The record label agreed to let us license the track for this non-commercial video, for a very modest admin fee and we were on our way.

Producing and directing this video, then editing it with the kids was a great experience. I really hope we’re able to shed more awareness about environmentally conscious thinking and make a difference in how people think about plastic bags.

Many thanks to Melati, Isabel and Elvira Wijsen for their vision, indosole for the support, Deus, Bali High and Cipta Gunawan, as well as Midori and New World Records in the UK. Thanks also to the village of Pererenan, the many BBPBB volunteers and friends, as well as the Green School community.

Sign the petition online at:


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